Supporting yogic and other active listening practices with layers of cello. 



An integrative approach

Emily Ann Peterson joins yoga teachers to become a holistically-minded duo. As a team, they create an atmosphere to support their class' yoga practice for that unique day. This happens live in-class or with a previously recorded performance.

Using a mathematical tuning of the cello that easily resonates with the body, Emily composes tailored songs in key signatures (foundational music theory structures) which accentuate particular meridians or chakras in the body.


Creation Process

Emily uses a looping pedal and her cello to create completely unique compositions using multiple layers of cello supporting that day's yoga practice. Her knowledge of the human body and music allows her to craft sounds and vibrations that encourage movement, focus, and relaxation.


For Yoga Teachers

"The right music can provide the inspiration to guide a class (or be guided in a class) into new directions that the teacher or students might never have imagined before." - Andrea Drugay

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For Meditation 

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